MCM Chills and Thrills

This was meant to be a Halloween entry... a little late but I'll keep the title because it fits. A morning spent viewing everything for sale in Ridgewood revealed many horrors and made it clear that finding a home in it's original condition, or at least close to the original design by Ralph Fournier is getting more and more difficult. I'll share a few of the things that sent chills up our spines. (As I sorted through the photos I realized the best examples are the various augmentations to the fireplaces, so we have a theme here.)

In many cases, if someone had the time and patience to strip the whitewash these could be returned to something close to what they once were.

New kitchen cabinets are almost always called for too.

But after seeing all of that we ended up at this house on the corner of Big Bend and S. Berry. A displaced Fournier/Duenke in near pristine condition just on the outskirts of Ridgewood.

Every inch of redwood remains untouched.

I'm not sure that these are the original kitchen cabinets but if they are they've been well cared for. If not, they are certainly appropriate replacements.

The stone fireplace has been painted, but that's the only "mistake" I could find. (Some might argue that certain paint colors were a mistake... but that's an easy fix.)

At some point a portion of the carport was taken over to add additional living space, but ample covered parking remains.

The lot is generous and more private than you might expect in its location.

Priced slightly above the average home in Ridgewood at $189000, the house is in Webster schools as opposed to Lindbergh which raises the comps a bit.

What a thrill to see this after the many disappointments in Ridgewood.


BubbaBoBob said...

Looks like you've been slacking on your blog. We need people like you to keep fighting for modern residential architecture (mid century or otherwise)in St Louis.


some new MCM house postings would be awesome. btw/ also check out Barrett Brae subdivision in Kirkwood. We just got an accepted contract on an affordable MCM there.

Yalova Emlak said...

Wow nice work. We need people like you to keep fighting for modern residential architecture. Yalova Emlak